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Tailwind CSS



Node.js/ Express.js



SQL Server



Agile Scrum



.NET Packages Directory

astro.js html css javascript

This is a site with a currated list of the best and most popular .NET packages. It is specifically created to make revenue from Google Ads. It has an easily searchable domain and I put a lot of effort into the sites SEO.


Unreleased Space Minor Mobile Game

react native javascript typescript

This is an un-released android game. It is a text based rpg about a space minor. The game was taking way too long to build and was not very fun. I still learned a lot about React Native though. Feel free to run it on your phone.


SkyCapital Investment Strategies

next.js html css javascript typescript supabase

This is a fullstack site where my friend and I publicly manage an investment portfolio. We write articles about our investment strategies and investment activity. The site offers an email subscription to notify users when new articles are published.



vue.js html css javascript node.js express.js postgreSQL heroku

This is a fullstack site where people learning to program can track the time they spend each day learning to code. You can track the time you spend on each project, and time spent using each technology.


My Personal Site

next.js html css javascript typescript supabase bootstrap

This is my personal site. It is fully responsive, and includes a contact form and article page. Supabase is used to handle markdown document storage and delivery for articles. The site also utilizes’s public api for article information.


Sorting Algorithm Visualizer

react.js javascript html tailwind css pwa

There are currently six sorting algorithms to visualize. The information and time/space complexity are shown for each algorithm. This site is also a progressive web app.


A Key Value Database


This is an in-memory key value database similar to Redis (but a bit more basic). The program works by creating a TCP server on localhost that can then be connected to by a client.


Country Currency Information Search

vue.js html css javascript

This is a website for learning about different country's currencies. This application uses the forex API from and lets you search for multiple country's currency information at once.


Spatial Front 2022 Q2 Hackathon

Offline Capable Web App
react supabase pwa

We created a website where a rancher can enter the primary grass type in their pasture. The website uses React for the frontend and Supabase for the backend. The app makes heavy use of the IndexDB API for offline data caching. The site will detect when a user goes offline, at which point all information entered will be cached until they are online again.

Cloud Native Hackathon 2021

Call Sentiment Tracker
next.js tailwind css supabase

This is a Next.js app used to track and analyze the overall mood of phone calls. This app can be used by call center managers to analyze the mood of all their employees' calls. Users can add call groups and add employees in order track each of their calls. The site makes heavy use of’s api to make transcripts of sound files and analyze the sentiment of calls.

Trimble Hackathon 2020

Crystal Reports Information Updater
C# ASP.Net

This is a console application that will bulk update the connection information of SAP Crystal report files. This will be used by Viewpoint engineers who are migrating on prem Vista servers to our cloud. Updating the connection information of each Crystal report would have to be done manually through a process that could take days to complete. This process can now be completed in a few minutes.

QuarantineHacks 2020

League of Legends Statistics
python html css my SQL

We wrote python scripts to pull game data using the Riot Games API. We pulled information from 300,000 games. Regression analysis was performed on the game data. This information was stored in our My SQL database. We were going to connect our database to a front end client to display this information, but we did not finish this part of the project.



Oregon State University: Bachelor's of Science

Information Systems

Corvallis, Oregon


Frontend Team Lead Spatial Front, Inc.

Software Developer Spatial Front, Inc.

    DOT application: Artemis
  • Angular, Typescript, RxJs, Sass, Jasmine/Karma
  • Leading the team in setting up unit test best practices and making large contributions to unit test code coverage.
  • Constructing significant UI redesigns based on Figma mockups.
  • Contributing to the AWS Lambda based REST API and Elasticsearch API.
  • Implemented user authorization using the CASL library.

  • USDA application: GRAS
  • React, Typescript, Mobx, Sass, Jest
  • Made significant contributions to the 508 compliance resulting in 100+ accessibility issues being fixed.
  • Integrated the UI with the ESRI's GIS API.
  • Contributed to 80% code test coverage.

Remote May 2024 - Current

Remote June 2022 - May 2024

Application Support Viewpoint Construction Software

  • Consistently closed the most support cases each week while maintaining positive customer feedback.
  • Taught and mentored all new team members.
  • Collaborated with development to fix 100+ product bugs.

Portland, Oregon January 2020 - June 2022

Web Development Internship NSI Engineering

  • Constructed the user interface for a complex SaaS app using the React.js framework.
  • Collaborated with a team of 5 other developers.
  • Used the agile development framework.

Remote April 2019 - October 2019

Network Administrator Beaver Lodge Student Co-Op

  • Maintained the internet of the 30-student co-op.
  • Troubleshot individual people's internet troubles.
  • Rebuilt the network setup from scratch.

Corvallis, Oregon December 2017 - June 2018

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • Certified SAFe 5 Practitioner
  • CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSXF)

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